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Dad handsome at 86
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Welcome to
West Coast Style co !
I make and sell lampwork beads, lampwork bracelets, jewelry and other fun stuff..
Come and take a look around!


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July 13, 2016 
Hope this finds you all good. I have been busy cutting glass to make plates and other things..... Then I thought my kiln had died but it is my plug, so I have to get an electrician out here to make it work. So bummed!
 January 8, 2016
Hope all of you have had a wonderful past year and a great New Year.Its been sooooo long since I posted here I am hoping to get this store up with new stuff. I have been busy with making glass dishes this past year and they are so cute. So come back and take a look and let me know you dropped by. Thanks!
Aug. 3, 2014
I am adding my new 3D pendants go check them out . I grind, bevel and polish them to a diamond look. Chains are now added to the pendant page.
 Aug. 1, 2014
Been to long since I have posted sorry. I am here though I will be uploading new stuff soon....my computer has been acting up and not letting me get my pictures off my camera.
 My father passed away in March he was 92 years. It has been hard for me but I know he is out of pain.
 So hang in there everyone I will get things up soon.
January 2, 2014 
A very Happy New Year to everyone..... I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or holiday season. Hoping this year will be the best. Been fusing plates and pendants. Wanting to get back to the torch but been very busy and fusing is quicker for me lately.
Dad had his 92nd birthday in Sept. wow. He is still a cutie pie, dang I don't know how he has kept  his face so smooth and wrinkle free.
I am hoping to post more so keep looking.
 April 22,2013
 Just letting everyone know I'm doing a jewelry party at my girlfriends house on Saturday April 27th. If those of you who would like to come email me and I will give the the address and time. Giving away lots of goodies.
March3, 2013
  I know I have been missing from action for quite awhile...... Things have been crazy. My Dad had to be put in another assisted living place as he is getting so bad with dementia . Very sad to see one go down hill so fast. This is a lovely home and the people are very nice and good to him. He is 91 and will 92 this year. I see him every week and call him almost everyday. He never remembers, but thats ok I keep reminding him.
  I am hoping to get more things up for sale soon. Have been making new cute photo charms too.
 Keep coming back and seeing what I have in.
 Oct. 24, 2012
 Well things have been really busy in my neck of the woods, moved Dad closer to me .He is getting more and more forgetful but at his age.... 91, who wouldn't be . Dang sometimes I can't remember things I did  or was suppose to do! Son getting hurt and back surgeries in the family my head has been a little crooked..
Now that the weather has gotten cooler ( well that is for now as end of week will be in the 80's) I'm going to get back to the torch and start making things. I have missed not doing glass all this summer.So come back and check things out to see what I have been making.
Sept. 23, 2012
 Today one of my neighbors daughter wore one of my necklaces I made to the Emmy's. She is such a sweet girl, I was trying to see if I could see her and her Dad down by the red carpet but I didn't. Will have to wait and see how much fun she had tomorrow.
July12, 2012
  Sorry for not posting lately, my Dad has fallen twice one was really bad. His face is looking better today. He is 90 and I am in awe that he didn't break anything but he did land on his head. He looked like he was in a boxing match and  lost. Hes in the hospital and they are keeping an eye on him.
   Been hot here so I haven't sat at the torch. I have been fusing and thats been good. I have been painting with frit powder and making nite lites.I will post pictures soon.
 June 29,2012
I added more pendants to my store go take a look!
June 27, 2012
 Suzi won the 4th of July pendant so please send me your address ....I sent you an email!!!
June 25, 2012
Added one new bracelet and one new pendant will be adding more either today or tomorrow. Go take a look and tell me what you think, first person to send me their thoughts will get a free fourth of July beach glass pendant. Please add your home address so I can get it out to the winner.  Go to CONTACT ME ( or click the words )and send it there to win!
June 24,2012
I will be drawing a name to send out a freebie. I will also be posting more goodies up for sale. So check in and see what I've got new.

June 3, 2012
 Last Month flew by to fast for me. I was busy making the beach glass and turning them into pendants which I have sold some of them. I didn't even get to take pictures of those to show you.
Hope your summer is starting out good for you.
May 16,2012
Today I have a few new pendants to share with you I will be putting them up in my store. These are etched glass I made, I wanted a beach glass look so here they are.
April 30,2012
  Here are a couple of new things I was working on.
           Doggy Bracelet                                          
       Poodle    Bead                                                                 Rings
April 1, 2012
 Vegas was fun learned new things and bought all sorts of glass stuff.
 I have been watching a video cam of some Eagles feeding their young it has been so interesting. Here is the site: Go check it out click on the video and then enlarge it.

March 22,212
 Here is a picture of my new bunnies:
I also made some flower murini that I added to some of the bunnies and alone to hang on your bracelets.

March 21, 2012
I will be making some bunnies today. I will be giving some away too. I just love Easter!!!

 March 17,2012
A Happy St Patty's Day!!!
The rain is coming down in buckets...our  poor rain Barrel is over flowing and the dogs say hell no we're not going out in this.....We need the rain I know. I am just hoping it stops so the kids can have a nice Spring Break!
Going to be making Easter stuff next week. I am taking a mold making class with Kaiser Lee Board at the Glass expo. I have all these ideas as to what I want to make. So I'll show you after I get back .

  I miss my Mom so much this time of year. It will 14 years now since she passed. Today would have been her birthday...A happy heavenly one Mom.
  I took some pictures of a few things I made these past weeks. I made red hearts with different colored wire wrapped on them. Tell me what you think!
Jan. 31, 2012
 The winner of the cupcake pendant is Harry . I'll send you an email to let you know you won!

Jan.28, 2012
  Will be drawing a name for the freebie tomorrow! I have been fusing latley, made a bunch of hearts and sold everyone of them before I could get them up on my site.Here is a couple:
I am also looking into opening an esty account so it will be easier for you to buy.
Jan. 14, 2012
Have been out of town for a few days, a kind of getaway with my Hubby. We had a free night at any Best Western ( had to use before the end of the month) so we went to one of my favorite places...Pismo Beach . This was one of the most beautiful times we have had there...Ate at new resturants that we have never tried and the food was fabulous.The weather was absolutely gorgeous. No wind and not a cloud in the sky. Who would have thought in January. So what can I say but Ahhhhh!
New freebie: heart pendant just in time for Valentines Day! will be making more goodies to sell this week!
Jan. 9,2012
  Happy New Year a week later!!! I have been playing with my new molds and yesterday I made some Valentine goodies. Will post the new freebie after I take a picture. I think your going to like it !  
Dec. 30,2011
 Well the year has flown by again and on with a new one. Can you believe tomorrow night we'll be tooting our horns and yelling Happy New Year!
    Been fusing with a new mold my girlfriend Tami gave me for Christmas. They are called tribal beads by color de verre molds, I poured up some pink and blue ones. They turned out awesome. In my kiln now is teal green and sea blue, will show them to you soon .
     Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve !
Dec. 14,2011
Welll tomorrow is my my big day.....I turn 60, wow where have the years gone. Had a great Birthday Party on Saturday. Good friends, family and food...how can you go wrong!

Dec. 1,2011
  Where has the time gone???? I guess I've been missing in action!  I am doing another Boutique this weekend so that has kept me busy. It should be fun, my Girlfriends are hosting it.
  Been so busy making gifts for my friends, We do a Christmas dinner every year with all of us Girlfriends. I can't tell you what I'm making  as a few of them stop by and read what I have to say. Hasn't been too much lately..... Sorry guys!
   The wind here has been very strong. I was going to make beads but I can't open my window to let the fumes out. Will have to see what tomorrow brings. I have some orders to fill..... dang I'm itching to get them done.
Have a great Day!!!
   Doing the Hula Boutique tomorrow out in Gardena. The ladies are all so nice and we all seem to buy something from each other! I have a ton of stuff but will see when I get there what will fit on the table.
   Will be posting pictures of freebies soon. I have to thank all of you for the awesome support last month and the start of this month.....WOW # 1 .
    Will report back on how things went!
Oct. 31, 2011
A HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope tonight is fun and scary for you. I love this time of year. I remember as a child dressing up ( my Mom made all of my costumes)and going door to door getting all that candy. One year I ate sooo much candy ( baby ruths, my Mom bought) that I never wanted to see another for the rest of my life. I still have never eaten one. We are all decorated and ready to go. Have a haunting good time!!!!

Oct. 21,2011
Got all the prizes sent out. I was waiting for people to let me know what house they wanted. Thanks gang for all the votes!! Hoping to torch on Monday. I am doing a boutique next month so I need to get busy on my beads. I have plenty of fused and slumped things.

Here are a couple of new things I made, the earrings I'll post later for sale...The turtle sold before I could get him on my website.
                            lower bracelet is mine!!!
                 One Recessed Plate measures 8 1/2 x 8 1/2
I have put some anklets I made up for sale so go check them out! Click on picture to see them

Pink Floral Anklet
Click for Detail
#PFA1 Pink Floral Anklet
This fun anklet is great for the summer season.I use swarovski crystals to make them sparkle.There are also cute little acrylic flowers with a hint of pink in them.The anklet has a claw closure.
Just measure your ankle ...Let me know your ankle size and I will add or take off what is needed to fit you.

1 in stock


Gold Leaf foil
Click for Detail
#GL1 Gold Leaf foil
23k genuine gold leaf
type: loose
size: 3 1/8 x 3 1/8
Each booklet contains 25 leaves

1 in stock


Black Diamond Pendant
Click for Detail
#BDP1 Black Diamond Pendant
This glass pendant measures 1" ( with bail 1 1/2".)
It is wrapped with a burdundy wire and an ab swarovski crystal.
The glass is made by me and properly kiln annealed.
Comes with a necklace leather cord.
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

Amber Heart Necklace
Click for Detail
#AHN1 Amber Heart Necklace
This one is one of my favorites. It is wrapped with copper wire and copper links.
Heart measures 1 1/2" and the necklace measures 19" long. Necklace is made of leather.
Heart hangs on an angle with two amber glass diamond links attached by copper .
The glass is made by me and properly kiln annealed.

1 in stock


Black magnetic necklace cable
Click for Detail
#BMCN1 Black magnetic necklace cable

Color: Black 
Size: 18 inch total length
Description: Flexible steel cable choker with lead free magnetic clasp. 
Quantity: One choker per pak. Enter quantity below.

  • The cable is coated in smooth plastic for comfort.
  • Cable thickness is 1mm.
  • The magnet measures approx. 1/2 inch when both pieces are together.
  • The magnet is approximately 2.5mm in diameter and fits inside the sleave which is 3.5mm in diameter.
  • The magnet supports up to 12.4 ounces or over 351 grams prior to releasing.
  • The magnet will fit through holes of 2.53mm or larger.
  • The magnet is smooth with no rough edges.
  • Not recommended for use with a pace maker.
  • Not recommended for children under age 6.

3 in stock


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